2024 Editorial Calendar

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Space deadline: 5/29/2024 | Materials deadline: 6/5/2024

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CSCCa: Special Digital Edition Guide

This digital-only guide will focus on “Improving the Strength & Conditioning of Your Athletes” and will feature exclusive editorial and video content from CSCCa and its members. Guide will be emailed to 20,000, including CSCCa members, subscribers of Training & Conditioning and subscribers of Coach & Athletic Director.


  • Space Deadline: 5/29/2024
  • Materials Deadline: 6/5/2024

June 2024: Special Digital Guide

A.D. Toolkit

  • Coaches tools & technology for success
  • Fundraising & promotion
  • Facility upgrades, program improvements and project bidding; RFPs
  • High school sports injury surveillance study results
  • Professional development & leadership
  • Sports psychology & mental health
  • Staffing


  • Space Deadline6/4/2024
  • Materials Deadline6/11/2024

July/August 2024

Back-to-School Issue

Product Focus: Practice & recreational equipment
Sport FocusClub vs. high school sports
Facility Focus: Practice facilities & field houses

  • Outdoor facilities of excellence
  • Track for multi-sport athletes
  • Creating a code of conduct
  • Administration technology
  • Hydration & heat-related illnesses
  • Interview with Athletic Association leader
  • Mental health-related content


  • Space Deadline6/18/2024
  • Materials Deadline6/21/2024

September/October 2024

Athletic Facilities Improvement Issue

Product Focus: Scoreboards & video displays; lockers & locker rooms
Sport FocusBasketball
Facility Focus: Gymnasiums

  • Indoor facilities of excellence
  • Facility branding & team pride
  • Interview with Athletic Association leader
  • Getting coaches & staff to use gym facilities to foster a sense of community
  • Hosting regional/state tournaments


  • Space Deadline8/16/2024
  • Materials Deadline8/23/2024

November/December 2024

Innovations Issue

Product Focus: New game-changing products in sports; 2024 year in review
Sport FocusNiche sports rounding out athletic departments
Facility Focus: Strength training facilities of excellence

  • Utilizing volunteers effectively to stay within your budget
  • Interview with Athletic Association leader
  • Indoor & outdoor lighting
  • Fixing the referee problem
  • Getting your players noticed by college recruiters

Bonus Distribution

National Athletic Directors Conference


  • Space Deadline10/11/2024
  • Materials Deadline10/18/2024