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For over 90 years, Coach & A.D. has served as the industry’s most trusted resource for athletic administrations nationwide. In addition to its print magazine, Coach & A.D. is a 24/7, 365 on-demand digital resource featuring all aspects of athletic programs — from strength and conditioning to coaching, sports medicine, team management, program building and more.

Within the pages of our publications, our audience relies on:

  • In-depth features designed to provide the tools and information necessary to build elite sports programs
  • The latest products and resources, connecting administrations and coaches with supplies of the latest game-changing products
  • Effective tips and strategies to help build successful student athletes through motivation, strength and conditioning, injury prevention and more


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Award-winning publication

The editorial and design expertise of the Coach & A.D. team is evident from industry accolades and awards received. Its most recent awards include:

  • 2018 Folio Awards Finalist: B2B Full Issue
  • 2019 Folio Awards Finalist: Sponsored Content


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